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Ilustrační obrázek sekce pigmentové preparace

There are the pastes for other types of materials as the part of the offer. The extraordinary properties of these preparations ensure precise and fast dyeing of materials, and guarantee excellent stabilities.

Preparations are divided into two main groups: aqueous pigment preparations and non-aqueous pigment preparations (masterbatches). 



All sortiment of preparations

Pigment Yellow 1
Pigment Red 2
Pigment Blue 15
Pigment Black 7
Pigment Yellow 3
Pigment Yellow 1
Pigment Yellow 74
Pigment Yellow 74
Pigment Orange 5
Pigment Red 2
Pigment Red 254
Pigment Red 112
Pigment Red 170
Pigment Red 146
Pigment Blue 15:1
Pigment Green 7
Pigment Black 7
Pigment White 6
Pigment Orange 34


Pigment preparations Versanyl® are hydrofilic, highly concentrated, well flowing pigment pastes containing non-ionic and/or anionic wetting and dispersing agents. They do not contain APEO (Alkyl Phenyl Ethoxylates) and do not contain organic volatile components, collectively named VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). One in another is mixing in any conditions and ratios. They are determined above all for the production of waterbased paints based on polyvinylacetate, acrylate, styren-acrylate, epoxide, polyurethane and alkyde dispersions. They are suitable also for staining of woods. They give semitransparent shades.



Pigment preparation RYKOLEN® are mixture of organic and inorganic pigments with polyethylene binder. They are suitable especially for coloration of polyolefine products, but some are suitable for coloration of other types of polymers. In this case it is recommended preliminary test. Test is recommended for attestation of shade stability and affect the shrinkage of polymer as well, in context of processing conditions. Color palette RYKOLEN® contains more than hundered shades. Pigment preparations RYKOLEN® can be work on common forming machines by injection, blowing and extrusion. For coloration is preferable use automatic dosing machine or from polymer and pigment preparation RYKOLEN® prepare homogenous mixture, which is processes by direct dosing to the feeding hopper. For common mouldings is recommended dosage 1–2 %, for film 2–3 %, for pearly and fluorescent masterbatches then 5 %. Pigment preparations RYKOLEN® is made from health unobjectionable pigments and polymers.



Pigment preparation for dyeing paper and viscose in the mass 

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