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Printing inks

Ilustrační obrázek pigmenty pro tiskové barvy

Synthesia’s organic pigments give our printing inks a clearer, cleaner looking colour. Surface of pigment particle improving ripening pigment into grinding base during dispersion.

All production steps during synthesis of pigment are controlled. Thanks to this we can offer pigments with perfect application properties of shade, transparency, rheology, stability to chemicals  et al. Synthesia is placing  strong emphasis on environmental aspects and high purity of all its products.


All products of pigments for printing inks

Pigment Yellow 150
Pigment Yellow 150
Pigment Yellow 111
Pigment Yellow 4
Pigment Yellow 3
Pigment Yellow 94
Pigment Yellow 128
Pigment Yellow 151
Pigment Yellow 93
Pigment Yellow 155
Pigment Yellow 155
Pigment Yellow 154
Pigment Yellow 74
Pigment Yellow 74
Pigment Yellow 1
Pigment Yellow 74
Pigment Yellow 95
Pigment Yellow 181
Pigment Orange 36
Pigment Red 4
Pigment Red 242
Pigment Red 188
Pigment Red 166
Pigment Red 166
Pigment Red 112
Ing. Roman Barvik
Roman Barvik
Head of Sales Pigments
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11/10/2021  |  Pigmens and Dyes
Price increase of the pigments and dyes
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