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Special applications

Ilustační obrázek sekce prigmenty pro ostatní aplikace

All the stores of pigments developed in Synthesia are destined for various usages. Thanks to the adherence to production progresses the properties of all products on  pigments on all levels are of the same quality. 

Customers from various industrial branches will estimate the quality and properties of these pigments, and its widest usage.


All products of pigments for special applications


Pigment Yellow 147
Solvent Yellow 163
Solvent Orange 60
Solvent Red 111
Solvent Violet 13
Solvent Blue 104
Solvent Green 3
Pigment Yellow 1
Pigment Red 2
Pigment Red 266
Pigment Blue 15
Pigment Green 7
Pigment Black 7
Pigment White 6
Pigment Yellow 14
Pigment Yellow 83
Pigment Orange 34
Pigment Red 266
Pigment Red 122
Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Blue 15:1
Pigment Green 7
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Roman Barvik
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